From past yoga students:


Ann’s respectful and encouraging ways lend beautifully to meaningful meditative experiences. I have been enriched by the tone she sets.

       -Cordell, age 70, Harrisburg


Follow her voice to a calming place of peace.

-Nan, Harrisburg


Upon finding out that classes were over for the season, a student sent this email: 

Thank you for giving me a good introduction to gentle yoga. I’ve bought a CD and will continue at home. I’ve enjoyed the classes.

      -Jan, Harrisburg



Feedback from others:

I would like to express my appreciation for the grounding exercises Ann Stillwater shared with me. I have been practicing yoga for years but have had a hard time integrating daily meditation into my practice and life.  The grounding exercises lead by Ann opened a new path for me. We lay comfortably on the earth and, through imagery and relaxation, connected with the earth’s abundant energy and wisdom. Unlike previous experiences with grounding, during which my focus would be directed at ‘rooting’ or feeling connected to what I imagined was the visible earth, Ann invited us further, reminding us to connect not only with the earths upper crust but also the deeper magna core and the energies that lie there. My sense of grounding was immense and I felt a tremendous release of tension and renewal of energy as I became conscious in my mind and body of this connection to these incredible forces… The experience stands out in my mind and my body as an “ah ha” moment: I have learned now to connect in my grounding beyond the visible and familiar, to contemplate and receive more deeply from the earth and all her many layers and forms.

Tara, midwife, age 29, Floyd, Virginia

(After a talk) Best communication of earth centered religion I have seen in 40 years!  Allow me to offer, as a cynic and a skeptic about organized religion of any type, that your presentation today on earth centered religion was the most effective presentation I have seen in terms of communicating what earth centered religion means. Your sharing of your thoughts and feelings, as well as those of others, in a relaxed, non-dogmatic manner was superb. Thank you.

Peter, Harrisburg PA